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5 Common Reasons Your Basement Leaks

This is the time of year we get a lot of calls from homeowners needing help with a wet basement. Discovering water or a leak in your basement is always an unpleasant surprise. Rest assured that although this may be the first time for you, we’ve seen this many times before. Most of the time in our experience, your home has a wet basement for one of the following five reasons.

1. Wall Leak

Typically in the London area, homes have concrete foundations and concrete can crack resulting in a wet There are a variety of reasons foundations will crack, but there are a number of repair options available. In older homes with stone or masonry foundations, the fixes can be a bit more complicated if the mortar has cracked.

2. Floor Leak

Water coming up through the floor of your basement is a more complicated problem, but is generally less common. When the soil around your home’s foundation is saturated and the water table beneath your home rises, the water will do its best to get into your basement. We get more calls about this after a particularly heavy downpour.

Many wall leaks can disguise themselves as floor leaks. It’s very important to identify where the leak is actually coming from.

3. Window Leak

Windows in basement are great for adding natural light and cheering up what can be a dark space. Because basement windows often sit close to or below the soil grade, they require a window well and this can lead to problems. Window wells that are not properly installed, old, or have clogged drains will leak. This can cause a terrible mess in your basement. Because the window sits below the grade, it will be prone to filling with water so if any of the above problems are present water will either come in the window or flow down the foundation and find a crack.

4. Sump Pump Failure

This is perhaps a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and with good reason. A sump pump failure causes a big mess and unfortunately, pumps can fail at any time. It’s wise to get regular maintenance on your sump pump to avoid problems before they happen. If you have a wet basement because of a sump pump failure, we can help. Whether the sump pump can’t keep up or needs maintenance, request a free quote or call us for emergency 24 hour service.

5. Grading Problems

This should be the least common issue because of municipal building requirements. But if the soil doesn’t slope away from your house’s foundation properly, water can pool and the chances of your basement leaking increase dramatically. One problem may be if the soil extends above the foundation line and water can seep in through the mortar on a brick home.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, the experts at Best Plumbing and Drainage Contractors offer 24hour emergency service in the London, Huron, Perth and Middlesex areas. Contact us for a free quote to fix any damage or for preventative maintenance. Don’t just repair the cosmetic damage, get to the root of the problem and fix it right the first time.

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